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The mild climate and presence of a few palm trees among the pines allowed the railway companies to promote the southwest coast resorts they served as “The English Riviera”. The Bournemouth conurbation is the closest stretch of it to London: thus, the English Riviera starts here. Bournemouth itself began as a seaside "spa" resort, and still promotes the idea of "wellness" breaks here.
Following on the promotion in the national press of Bournemouth as Britain’s new ‘Silicon Beach’ [discussed onsite here], and our argument for the need for the suitable physical environment to accommodate an expanding ‘tech cluster’ within the creative-digital media sector [also discussed onsite here], we are putting together this new section of the website to hold illustrated guides with info for those in the creative-digital sector who are thinking of relocating down here. The pages will have plain, practical basic info on the various neighbourhoods of interest in this respect.
We’ll be looking at suitable shared spaces and amenities (including cafes - eating out and drinking reportedly being the single largest personal expenditure for this sector). These facilitate the fundamental element of culture: civilised conversation. (We'll be mentioning where you can sit outside as it's often quieter than inside, due to echoey acoustics, espresso-machine noise, loud in-house music etc. Also, sitting outside, your phone-wifi reception is often better than inside.) Bournemouth has been described in the past as a cultural desert, but these neighbourhoods are all potential oases. We'll be ignoring the big-name chain eateries and coffee houses like McDonalds and Starbucks to emphasize smaller, more local outlets. (Note that the 'pins' on any Google Map screenshots may not be in the right place, so we try to give directions.)

This is the index or table of contents page, and sub-pages covering the various neighbourhoods of interest will be added, or added to, as and when ready. The current pages up are:

Introduction To The Bay Area Conurbation
The Pierhead & Central Seafront Area
The Square and surrounding area, Bournemouth
The Triangle and surrounding area, Bournemouth
Boscombe, Bournemouth
Westbourne Urban Village, Bournemouth
Christchurch Downtown Area
Poole Downtown Area
Ashley Cross (Parkstone Park), Lower Parkstone, Poole



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