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Digital Hub Section:
This new section of the site provides info on the Bournemouth conurbation as an up-and-coming digital media 'hub' (given the nickname 'Silicon Beach Bomo'). Intro and table of contents page here.

Film-TV Section:
Terence Stamp as Sergeant Troy demonstrating his swordsmanship at Dorset's Maiden Castle, in Far From The Madding Crowd, 1967
Covering the region within an hour's drive of the main Bournemouth conurbation, this section has a chronological listing, a production history, and full-page features covering a film, film-maker, or location area of interest.

Local-Literature Section  

This section of the website covers writers and works with a strong connection to the south-central region.
Latest feature page online was On The Trail Of The Bloomsbury Group In Wessex. See also the 'Setting The Scene in Wessex' series below.

'Setting The Scene In Wessex' Guides
This feature-page series covers both literary and film-tv local-interest works dealing with a particular period or genre - the Prehistoric Era, the 17th Century, the 'Country House' saga, the WWII Era etc. The latest guide up is the longest, a 2-part guide to crime novels, films, and tv series, from Moonfleet to Broadchurch, here.

'Cultural Capital' Section
This section of the site covers the conurbation's cultural icons and contributors, with an intro page for each era (Georgian etc) and each major contributor having their own illustrated webpage.

'MediaScene' Topical Blog Posts
These are commentaries, ranging from short notices to mini-essays, on topical issues of local interest.

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'Bournemouth In The Media’ columns 2000-2001
Several years before this website went online in 2005 and I began the 'MediaScene' blog series above, I wrote a monthly column called 'Bournemouth In The Media’ for the Boscombe Network Community Enterprises trust, a charity of which I was a director. (I quit as director in 2001 after a policy disagreement, so the columns ended after around a year.) The BNCE and its website being both now defunct, I decided, ten years on, to republish the columns, which were the forerunners of the blog posts above. [For more on the background, see here.]

'Bournemouth In The Media’ columns 2000-2001

About Us
South Central MediaScene serves to promote the south-central region's media profile. It's an independent site [no funding], and not a business. Email us.

Our Locations Section
This latest themed section of our website illustrates locations of interest in the region, by type - beaches, prehistoric sites etc. Even if you are not looking for film or tv locations, you may find the various web-pages being added below of interest.

Latest Locations Feature Page: Churches
The region has a wealth of churches from all periods of history, and examples regularly appear on screen.


Locations Feature Page #5: Fortifications
The region has castles and forts from all eras, which have been appearing onscreen since the 1930s.

Locations Feature Page #4: Marine Facilities
Local facilities for marine vessels range from docks for large ships to quays, piers and jetties for smaller vessels, private boatyards, marinas, ferry terminals, and even sunken wrecks for divers. Film and tv companies have been using these location assets for decades.

Locations Feature Page #3 - Beaches
TripAdvisor’s annual Traveller’s Choice awards for the top ten UK beaches this year included 3 local beaches. This would be no surprise to local residents, for there is a variety of beach locations all along the Jurassic Coast between Bournemouth and Lyme Regis some 70 miles west. Filmmakers have also been coming down here since at least the early silent era to shoot on beach locations, not only for locally-set stories but those set in other countries, from California to Scandinavia to North Africa.

Locations Feature Page #2 - Prehistoric Sites
Stonehenge is the most popular with filmmakers, as seen below, but is only one such type of site - the region is rich in
prehistoric-site locations.

Locations Feature Page #1 - Towers

Below: Clavel Tower, Kimmeridge Bay. The bay, with its distinctive headland landmark tower (built 1820) in the background, featured recently in an episode of the SF anthology tv drama series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, with a futuristic village set built right on the clifftop. (Mouse over photo to see 2nd image.)

Clavel Tower itself was seen close up in the 1985 ITV adaptation of PD James's 'Commander Dalgleish' mystery The Black Tower, where the exterior was coated with water-soluble black paint for the shoot. The author later helped organise a fundraising campaign to move the tower back from the eroding cliff-edge. It also appeared in the ZDF [German state tv] Rosamunde Pilcher romance-novel adaptations Kinder des Glücks, Die Rose von Kerrymore and Die Liebe ihres Lebens. (Mouse over photo to see 2nd image.) The relocated tower has had its interior, gutted by fire in 1931, restored by the Landmark Trust as holiday accommodation.

More information on this type of location is here:
Locations Feature Page - Towers

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